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Dempers - Adapters

Let op: Dit zijn dempers voor luchtwapens. Deze zijn niet geschikt voor vuurwapens! 

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Geluiddemperadapter DonnyFL AEA Terminator M18x1

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Geluiddemperadapter DonnyFL AEA Terminator M18x1

Geluiddemperadapter DonnyFL AEA Terminator M18x1

€ 41,95

Deze geluiddemperadapter van DonnyFL laat u een geluiddemper met een interne M18x1 schroefdraad op uw AEA Terminator bevestigen. Hij is compatibel met Terminator persluchtgeweren van 9 mm/.35 tot en met 12.7 mm/.50 kalibers.

De DonnyFL AEA Terminator geluiddemperadapter is gemaakt van 6061 T6 aluminium en voorzien van een zwart geanodiseerde laag. Ook is het oppervlak voorzien van een gekarteld oppervlak voor een betere grip.

Huma-Air modulaire luchtbuks demper MOD40-4/0 Avelanche

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Huma-Air modulaire luchtbuks demper MOD40-4/0 Avelanche

Huma-Air modulaire luchtbuks demper MOD40-4/0 Avelanche

€ 135,00

Modular Airgun Moderator, MOD40-4/0 Avalanche with 4x40 mm. modules (Standard)

 This moderator, consists of a start chamber with fixed female treads (available in several sizes) three extra 40 mm long volume chambers and an endcap.

All these three aluminum chambers are filled with a CNC produced insert made of technical polymer Pom-C.
We designed this insert with a special geometry to reduce the sound of the air blast to an absolute minimum and due it's extreme strength there are no power limits in use. 
The Avalance models are sand blasted for a fine texture and they have a semi gloss black anodized finish.
This modular system allows you to configure your own silencer in term of length, caliber, volume chamber size and content of the internal silencer chambers.
Optionally you can add or remove volume chambers to change length and volume of the moderator.
The moderator can be used with the Avalanche inserts, or with our metal wired sleeve and our special Kevlar ® enforced ballistic fibers, or even without inserts to gain maximum volume,  all to your own wishes and matching your rifle

By mixing these variables you can influence the frequency and output decibels of your silencer and adjust them perfectly matching your rifle.

The benefits of the Huma-Air Modulair Airgun Silencer:

  • The possibility to make the silencer rifle specific, will allow you to reduce the output noice to an absolute minimum.
  • The precision machined volume chambers are screwed into each other making it very easy to switch or change the setup.
  • You can ad or remove 40 mm long volume chambers to the setup.
  • The internal parts of the 40 mm chambers of the Avalanche model concist of an insert made of Pom-C polymere with a special geometry.  
  • You can also choose to use maximum volume, without the standard inserts in the volume chambers.
  • The system is caliber specific in a combined .177 /.22 version, a .25 and a .30 model. Of course you can use a .25 model also for .22 and .177 too.


Material  Aircraft Aluminium
Number of 40 mm chambers  Start module + 3 extra chambers
Number of 20 mm chambers  0
Weight  209 Gram.
Lenght  187 mm.
Diameter (Outside)  40 mm.
Tread size  1/2UNFx20 - M14x1.25
Finish  Satin black anodizided

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